source: Updated: 2016-10-31


Xunwu County in Jiangxi Province in the southeast of Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangdong, at the junction of the three provinces. Total area of 2,327 square kilometers. Exempted 19 township (town), 222 administrative villages, the county population of 270,000, of which agricultural population of 230,000. Apart from Han, a yu, Mongolia, the mountains, back, Zhuang, such as six Naxi ethnic minority, accounting for 98.8 percent of them Han Chinese.

  Xunwu Xianzhu mountain hilly region. Mountain area of 83.2 percent, the forest coverage rate as high as 46.5 percent. Rich mineral resources, has a proven rare-earth, gold, uranium, tungsten, tin, lead, zinc and mineral water, and other 30 kinds of minerals, including abundant reserves of rare earth, "Rare Earth Kingdom," said the products are exported to Japan , The United States, France, Britain and other countries and over 10 domestic provinces and municipalities.

Xunwu County in the mainland coastal areas to promote the integration of the gradient, the unique geographical advantages. In recent years, improving infrastructure, the 6000 program-controlled telephones and mobile phones have been launched, achieving transmission of fiber optic cable.

20 years of reform and opening up, Xunwu County storm industry, optimize the agricultural, prosperity, the tertiary industry, infrastructure construction and accelerate the urbanization strategy and greatly mobilizes the enthusiasm of the people of the county, the building of the two civilizations have made remarkable achievements. From the reform and opening up before 1978 with 20 post-1997 compared to Xunwu County, the gross domestic product to development of 42.33 million yuan from 645.49 million yuan, up 15.2 times from 99.78 million yuan of industrial and agricultural output value to the development of 564.91 million yuan, an increase of 5.7 times, from 5.45 million yuan of fiscal revenue to the development of 54.11 million yuan, an increase of 9.9 times the total grain output from 64,770 tons to the development of 1.12883 billion tons, an increase of 1.7 times that of farmers per capita income from 105 yuan to 1830 Yuan, up 17.4 times.

Xunwu has become rare-earth industry, building materials, food three major industries. The main backbone enterprises are: Xunwu Gear plant, with an annual output of motor vehicles of various gears nearly 33 kinds of 1 million, the best-selling products. Xunwu Rare Earth (Group) Company production of europium oxide rich Changning licensing. In China#39;s first "Dragon Cup" Rare Earth won competitions at the "prestigious award." RE Xunwu set for the country#39;s exports, "Mianjian" quality products, exported to Japan, the United States, Germany. County wineries in 1989 the production of wine by the industry-glutinous "Shengyouchanpin" title, restructured after the production of "Respect Our Teachers of Chinese liquor," a health-wine, was the favorite of consumers, products are sold in Shenzhen and Guangzhou Developed coastal areas.