Project Proposal for investment on Orange juice processing factory

source: Updated: 2016-10-31


Project Name : Orange Juice Processing Factory with the Capacity of 400,000t

Project Location : Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province

Project Unit : Ganzhou City Fruit Industry Bureau

Project Advantages : The project has the following advantages: (1) adequate raw materials. Ganzhou has a citrus area of 10 million ha with the yield of one million tons, of which cull fruit raw materials for processing at 100,000 tons. The local government is promoting the development of 2 million ha of orange processing is now established a base of 0.62 million ha. The total raw materials will reach 170,000 tons in 2011, 280,000 tons in 2012, and 480,000 tons in 2013; (2) convenient transportation. Ganzhou has the airport, railway and several highways; (3) excellent ecological environment with pollution-free water, soil and air.

Project Content : An orange juice processing facility with the annual fresh-fruit processing capacity of 400,000 tons, covering an area of 500 mu ( 1 ha =15 mu). The main construction contents include: raw materials unloading system, juice extracting workshop, pasteurized canning workshop, frozen canning workshop, distribution room, weight room, boiler room, office building, restaurant and ancillary rooms, cold storage, sewage treatment station, fire fountains, factory road hardening, perimeter walls and factory greening.

Project Investment : The construction investment on orange juice processing factory, including juice extracting line, factory buildings, cold storage tanks and ancillary facilities and circulating capital, etc., requires a total investment of 460 million yuan.

Market Forecast : 1, the bullish international market . In all fruit juice beverages, the consumption of concentrated orange juice is in the world's No.1. The international market for fruit juice grows fast, and the capacity will be further expanded.

2, a huge domestic consumer market . At present, the domestic market for fruit juice consumption is rapidly growing. From the consuming trends, fruit juice has a great potential market, the green, natural, nutritious and health drinks have become the mainstream.

Benefit Estimation : Annual processing 400,000 tons of fresh fruits, 25% of the raw materials used in the production of 50,000 tons of non-concentrated orange juice (NFC), 75% of the raw materials used in the production of 24,000 tons of concentrated orange juice. Concentrated orange juice by the average price of 20,000 yuan / ton, NFC by the average price of 4000 yuan / ton, the output value is 680 million yuan.

Cooperation Way : Exclusive investment, joint venture (the ways of joint venture can discuss face to face)

Preferential policies : 1,please refer to Ganzhou City Investment Website (http:// for preferential policies provided by Ganzhou City Government.

2, it is listed as a key investment project of Ganzhou City Government. Besides the above investment preferential policies, the processing of agricultural products can also enjoy special preferential policies, such as the Government can help solve part of the loan and provide loan interest subsidies.

Preliminary Works : 1, the project proposal has completed.

2, the land and the preparation works of the construction has been implemented

Contact Person : Chen Biao-qiang

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